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Ink Jet Printing on Marble Paper—Tips and Tricks

Posted on 07 January 2016

ink jet printing on marble paper
With a little care, many of Sustain & Heal cover and text weight papers can be used in a desktop ink jet printer. Choose stock that has an overall light coloring (otherwise you won't get enough contrast for legibility). If needed, download the MS Word template for A2 cards to help position your layout. Try it with sample paper until it looks right. Select bold fonts and/or graphics. Use the darkest color possible on the highest quality plain paper setting. Use the manual feed option—never feed paper from a tray that requires it to curl around. Never put it in a laser printer (high heat can cause some pigment to melt to the printer rollers). If paper is not feeding correctly it may be that your rollers need to be cleaned. Or it could be that your printer does not accept thick paper. Please test all papers in your printer with care before proceeding.

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