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About De Milo

Whisks and Water
Annika Buxman loves materials. Thanks to artist and teacher Barb Skoog she has lately been immersed in the art of marbling, trading tips with fair trade artisans in Bangladesh, and providing worldwide customers (including Michelle and Barack Obama, Anthropologie, and Paper Source) with beautiful Sustain & Heal fair trade marbled papers. Watch her Miracle of Materials movie here to learn more about this new passion.
Ink and Iron
Annika still runs the C&P, Franklin Gordon, and Vandercook presses in her studio in South Pasadena. Sustain & Heal handmade papers are the most commonly used on her presses, but Annika won't turn down an interesting press job no matter what the paper.
Snails and Stone
The name "De Milo" came from a favorite class while at Art Center College of Design in 1995. Garden Design History teacher and artist Laura Cooper was hosting students in her garden. She had spent the morning clogging pesky snails. But at the Venus de Milo figure she paused and commented about the artistic visual of centuries and the slowness of time while the two shells posed on Venus' stone shoulders. Then she smashed the snails. Annika is glad she caught the moment in between.

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