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Do-It-Yourself Marble Beverage Coasters

Posted on 01 December 2016

“It's pretty, but what do you do with it?” is the most often asked question about our fair trade marble papers. How about sprucing up your home (or someone else’s) with marble beverage coasters?

Cost: approximately 50¢ per coaster
Time: 1-2 hours
Skill Level: intermediate


Before starting, gather your supplies:
  • Two sheets marble paper from One thick and one thin sheet is recommended because it’s thick enough for a coaster and easy enough to cut with a regular paper cutter.
  • rubber cement
  • a piece of sturdy chipboard for spreading and burnishing
  • scissors
  • sturdy paper cutter
  • corner rounder (optional)
  • ribbon, string, etc for finishing (optional)
  • paper for printing “Sustain & Heal” gift tags (optional). Click here to download gift tag pdf template.

STEP ONE: Using the chipboard spread rubber cement on the backs of BOTH marble sheets. Use medium pressure while spreading to get an even coating that is not too thin. Let both sides dry for 10-15 minutes or until there are only a few small wet spots.

STEP TWO: Adhere sheets together. Using the clean edge of the chipboard burnish flat. Hint: Once the cemented sheets touch each other they are stuck. Be sure it’s in the right place before dropping the sheet into positon.

STEP THREE: Most paper cutters are not large enough to cut a full marble sheet. Cut it to fit your paper cutter. Start by cutting in half (about 16 inches is half). Then cut it at eight inches if needed.

STEP FOUR: Cut to final size. 3.75 inches square will yield 40 coasters from one large sheet.

STEP FIVE: Use a corner punch to round the corners. If it is difficult to press because of the thickness of the paper try pushing as hard as you can on one side and then flipping it over and punching from the other side.

STEP SIX: Finish with optional “Sustain & Heal” gift tags (download from link in the above supply list), ribbon, string, strips of paper, etc...

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